A coat is your best ally this winter

A coat is your best ally this winter

Hello again La Marina Shopping Centre readers!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

In this new post I am going to talk about classic and straight cut coats, particularly camel coats.


During the colder months a coat is without a doubt the star garment.

If you thought that coat fashion had been left behind you are very wrong, the truth is that every time you get more results, this winter there is one coat you should wear no matter what, and you can get one in the sales.

Classic cut coats will always be a trend, and you can use them thought-out your life so they are a good investment.


In addition to the classic cut you can also choose a masculine style, which is another of the trends this season. They are the perfect look for the workingwoman and although it sounds strange, perfect when combined with the nineties sports look.


But without a doubt the coat of the season 2017/18 and last season is the camel coat, a winter investment that you will not regret.

However you can also find them in other colours or fabrics, such as black, pink, grey or check, in particular the Prince of Wales check.


This coat is or will be, if you still don’t have one, a must have for your wardrobe.

Coats, especially camel coloured coats, have always been seen as stately, worn by older people, but in recent years we have seen how they have become popular for all ages.


How can you wear this type of coat? Well, you can really combine it with any garment, since this type of coat has a lot of versatility, whether you believe it or not.

For every day you can choose a more casual look, wear the coat with some jeans and a jumper, and trainers.


If you prefer a dressier look you could opt for some black trousers and a black jumper with some boots.

And finally for a night out, especially to avoid the cold, you can wear this coat with any dress.


And you, will you choose a classic coat? Or do you prefer other types of coats?

As always there are endless varieties to be found in any of the shops at the La Marina Shopping Centre such as H&M, Guess, Stradivarius, Zara or Mango, where you can find all types of coats.

Thank you for reading this blog every week. I will be back with another post looking at more of the 2017-18 season trends. I hope you enjoyed it.

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The La Marina Shopping Centre and I hope you have a good week!

Marta Urbano.