Prepare your terrace for a summer party

Prepare your terrace for a summer party

What do we like most about the summer? As reflected in Mediterranean culture, what we like most about the summer arriving is spending time on the terrace with friends.

The terraces, balconies and patios of our homes become small paradises with the arrival of the good weather, and what better occasion for decorating these spaces for spending time having fun with friends or family.

That’s why today we propose a few ideas for you to prepare your terrace for a summer party, which will surely be a source of inspiration.

Let the party begin!

First step – colour!  

If there is something that stands out in summer it is bright, fun colours for bringing a little joy to the atmosphere. Decorate your table with tableware and linen to give your guests good vibes. In fact, you can mix different tableware and combine their colours and patterns.

  1. Plastic tableware and linen from IKEA. If there are children or you are going to organise a birthday party, little ones will love these plates and cups.
  2. Linen and tableware from H&M HOME. This collection not only has fun colours, but also very summery artwork.
  3. Linen and tableware from ZARA HOME. Bright, fun colours for a dinner on the terrace while you enjoy the evening.

Soft lighting for the night

Although the sun sets later in the summer, you should think about lighting. Lanterns, candles and torches can create a magical atmosphere for a special night.

  1. Lantern from ZARA HOME. Lanterns give a very festive, but also intimate touch. You can hang them or leave them at some spots around your terrace.
  2. Garland from the CASA shop. Perfect for lighting summer soirées, for example, with a warm white light.
  3. Illuminated bottle from ALE-HOP. This is a trend which has to appear on your terrace. LED illuminated bottles are battery powered and will give a very “Pinterest” look to your space.

“Friends” style colourful furniture

What caught our attention most in Monica’s apartment in Friends was its colourful furniture. If you have a neutral coloured terrace, break the aesthetic with chairs, sofas and tables in very bright colours. Guests will be amazed!

  1. Side table from the CASA This pistachio green table would go very well with an off-white sofa, giving your terrace a pop of colour.
  2. The pouffe from IKEA which will liven up your outdoor space. You can use it to rest your feet or as an additional seat, whether inside or outside. You can find it in several colours – get several and combine them.

As you have seen, there are many ways to liven up your terrace and offer your guests fun decoration. We hope you liked our ideas and enjoy a nice party on your terrace.

Let us know about it!

See you in the next post.