Autumn comes to your home

Autumn comes to your home

Once again, we invite you to discover fashion trends, this time for your home. Summer is over and we have to give a more autumnal touch to our home to stay in style. In this post we will present some very interesting and easy suggestions for making your home look like it belongs in a decorating magazine.

We offer you ideas for different tastes and budgets, as it’s not necessary to spend a large amount of money or fully renovate our home to make it cozy and autumnal.


A simple and inexpensive solution that can look very good are LED lights. Combined with frames, placed on a mirror or put in bottles. There is a wide variety of colours on the market, but for the upcoming season we recommend warm colours or the classic white, as in the following images, available at Ale-Hop.

Baskets and flowerpots

Another option which will give a special touch to your home without needing to spend a huge amount or excessively alter your house is the incorporation of baskets or flowerpots in the different rooms. Combined with the colours of your house or using fashionable colours to give a touch of colour, such as greens, blues, or (if you are more daring) pinks, baskets and flowerpots will give a modern touch to your home and convey a homey, rustic feeling of autumn.

  1. The flowerpot is from JYSK and is just one example of the wide selection in the store.
  2. Basket from H&M. You can put a flowerpot inside to give it more colour.
  3. Basket from ZARA HOME. Perfect for keeping little household things like blankets or towels for guests.

Blankets for the sofa

Continuing to suggest simple solutions for decorating our home for this autumn, we now move to blankets. A definite trend which serves both for decoration and for enriching your lounge, making it more comfortable and cozy.

Using these blankets, we can also break away from the straight lines of our lounge if it is too understated or give it a more homey, functional touch.

  1. Wonderful velvet blanket with thick fringe from ZARA HOME, the thick fringe Mohair.
  2. Embossed yellow blanket from H&M. Combines wonderfully with one of the baskets we saw before.
  3. Finally, a blanket you’ll be enchanted by at first touch, from CASA.


Now a classic: rugs. Years ago, having a rug was a significant expense, and many houses stopped having them. Today, however, we have options at very reasonable prices, also leading to savings on heating and therefore on household expenses.

There are types of rugs for all tastes. Millions of colours, forms, textures and sizes. Here are some of our favourites for this autumn.

In this selection we have highlighted three different rugs which can give your lounge the touch it needs, whether it is more classic or more modern.

  1. Soft texture rug, perfect for lying down on the floor. With its rhombuses, it will give a touch of design to your lounge. You can find it at ZARA HOME.
  2. Our second option is more classic and perfect for your lounge in autumn, neither too warm or too summery. With a colour that goes with everything and which is always in style, you can find it at the El Corte Inglés outlet.
  3. This fantastic cotton rug we can find in the home section of H&M could not be more fashionable. With the blue colour worn so much this year and the floral pattern with nature motifs, you will be able to give your lounge a very modern touch of colour.


Another of the classics for easily changing the decoration of your home from one season to another are cushions. As with rugs, we find a multitude of models and recommend checking them at our shopping centre or by visiting the websites of the different shops.

As we can see, our suggestions are adventurous in terms of colours and designs, and we will always have options which are less bold. However, we think that the cushion is the perfect element for giving a different, colourful touch to your lounge, whatever its style. It is a point which stands out, which everyone will notice, giving a different touch to your home.

  1. Super soft blue velvet cushion from JYSK. A fashionable autumnal colour which can be combined with almost any lounge. It is our least adventurous suggestion.
  2. Dark green cushion with forest motifs which would go very well with a beige or darker tone sofa (greys, browns, blues). It is a stylish cushion for bringing a touch of colour to your lounge. You can purchase it at CASA.
  3. Finally, the cushion you will be enchanted by, available at El Corte Inglés. This feather cushion will make everyone ask, “where did you buy it?”

These are our suggestions for you to modernise your home and always keep it in style. If you come to La Marina Shopping Centre you will be able to discover many more which we are sure you will love.

Until next time!