Childen’s trends for going back to school

Childen’s trends for going back to school

Welcome to September, welcome back to school.

As you know, September is the month for returning to the routine, taking children to school, extracurricular activities, going to the park after school with a sandwich as an afternoon snack and putting children to be early because they have to get up early the next day.

It is also the month for renewing children’s wardrobes because your children have grown and their tracksuits no longer fit, the sleeves of their jackets are too short, or the shoes they wore the year before are too small. What better way than an update with the latest children’s fashion!

Today in our post we suggest the best children’s trends for going back to school. Don’t miss it!

First and foremost, comfort

If anything is essential in a child’s wardrobe it is a tracksuit, not only because they need at least one for their physical education class, but because it is comfortable, versatile clothing, resistant to adventures in and outside of the park.

Right now in shops we can find the most classic to other more modern, current styles.

  1. Modern colourful outfit made up of leggings and a hooded sweatshirt from ZARA KIDS. The colours and print of the leggings are notable, so your daughter will stand out at the park.
  2. Boy’s tracksuit from 2 to 9 years old from MAYORAL. Two pieces with hooded sweatshirt with zip and adjustable trousers. A modern essential!
  3. If your child has a more urban style, ZARA KIDS is the shop for you. In September it’s still hot, but at night it starts to get colder, making the option of shorts and a sweatshirt most suitable.

Social life after school

Has it ever seemed that your child has more of a social life than you do? Birthdays, hanging out with friends, extracurricular activities, family reunions, etc. That’s why they should always have something smarter in their wardrobe; a fun garment which combines well with many garments of different styles are jeans, in all versions.

  1. Denim onesie for girls from ZARA KIDS. Boys can also wear the worker style. Combined with trainers, your daughter will be the crème de la crème.
  2. Fun elastic denim leggings with animated detail at the knees from H&M KIDS. Their elastic waist makes them fit the body perfectly.
  3. Denim jackets personalisable with your child’s name or favourite word, available at ZARA KIDS.

The ultimate accessory for children: the backpack

Filled with their toys, school supplies or lunch, they are the main image of going back to school.

  1. Blue backpack from BENETTON with logo in different colours. Classics never go out of fashion.
  2. Corduroy backpack with a variety of colours and corduroy effect. Chic accessories have also arrived in the children’s world. Available at ZARA KIDS.
  3. And so that children’s backs don’t hurt, a trolley like this one from ZARA KIDS is always a good option.


We hope that all these options have helped you to organise your children’s wardrobes.

You can find all of this at La Marina Shopping Centre. You can also take advantage of our La Marina Kids’ Club and sign up your child while you renew their wardrobe.

We’ll see you very soon!