Celebrate Halloween Highly

Celebrate Halloween Highly

Although Halloween is a celebration inherited from the United States, it is becoming increasingly popular in Spain. For one night, the streets are full of children and adults with scary (and fun) costumes, collecting sweets to pig out on with the classic “trick or treat”.

Halloween night must be celebrated in the best way, that’s why at La Marina Shopping Centre we are going to show you some of the most fun and scariest costumes and accessories for boys and girls. Best of all? You can find all of them at our shopping centre!

Halloween costumes

If your son or daughter wants to go out trick or treating, they should wear a fun costume to make the night even more special. You can find all of the following costumes at H&M.

  1. A very stylish pumpkin! We love the combination with the bat tiara. It can also be combined with black tights.
  2. The classic skeleton costume. Very comfortable, so that children can have a great time on Halloween.
  3. What if you add a cat soft toy and broom to this costume? It will certainly look like a very authentic witch.

Clothes for the day of Halloween

Children will surely be very excited as soon as they wake up. Therefore, it’s best to start the day prepared. We will show you some Halloween related items that they can wear to school. All of them are available at H&M.

  1. Cotton long sleeved top with ghost, perfect for this time of year. Combine it with jeans and trainers so that your daughter is comfortable and has a great day at school.
    2. Sweater with Ghostbusters print. This warm, comfortable sweater will allow your son to enjoy the day of Halloween wearing the logo of this great film – you could even watch it together that day. Ghostbusters!
    3. Light fabric sweater with printed motif. This sweater is great! Children will love the fluffy print.

Accessories for Halloween

What would costumes be without accessories? Even if children don’t feel like dressing up, you can try out an accessory, which will look great with a comfortable outfit.


  1. Maleficent style horns from Claire’s. They can be combined with an all-black look. If you feel creative, you can make a black cape and even the magic staff of the protagonist yourself.
  2. Skeleton gloves from H&M. They can also be combined with a black tracksuit, for total comfort!
  3. Devil horns from Claire’s. As in the photo, you can combine them with red garments and accessories for the face.

Halloween party

If you are a true fan of Halloween and are prepared to organise a party for children, don’t hesitate to visit our Dealz and Casa stores. There you will find everything necessary for your decoration, such as cutlery, plates, tablecloths and table and wall decorations.


We hope our post has given you lots of ideas! You are of course invited to our shopping centre to enjoy all the activities we have prepared for this day.

See you in the next post!