Christmas 2019. Everything you need for success

Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Three Kings’ Day – this season is full of special events where we like to present the best version of ourselves.

At La Marina Shopping Centre you will find everything you need to shine this Christmas, from gifts for your loved ones to beauty centres for updating your hairstyle or a manicure.

We will tell you where to find the star services of La Marina for this Christmas!

Aesthetics and Beauty

Do you feel like a new hairstyle? Take advantage of a day of shopping to visit the hairdresser and look perfect this season!

Our hair is part of our identity – make the most of your style at Sgabo Peluqueros at La Marina Shopping Centre!

Our hair is not the only element of beauty. A growing number of people are opting for original manicures.

Do you feel like decorating your nails with Christmas motifs, or do you prefer the traditional French manicure? Whatever your style, Lolita’s Beauty Centre will make your dreams come true.



Finally, if you want to revitalize your skin this Christmas, check out the treatments of Stetic Body Solution. Facial and body cosmetics, nutrition, and everything you need to feel more beautiful than ever is waiting for you on the Ground Floor of your favourite Shopping Centre!


Christmas decoration

If there is a time of year when the decoration of homes becomes more special, it is Christmas. Lights, candles, Christmas figurines, the tree – any element is good for celebrating this magical time of year.

Of all the areas of the house, the table becomes one of the centrepieces of our lives. Sitting down as a family around a delicious meal is a great event at Christmas.

If you want to update your decoration, table linen or tableware, we recommend you take a look at the Christmas collections in Ikea, Casa, Zara Home and JYSK. They will delight you!

Zara Home


Family and business meals

Are you thinking of celebrating a family reunion or a meal with your work colleagues? We offer you some options so that you can enjoy the best gastronomy at La Marina Shopping Centre. Just a short distance from Benidorm!


Vaca Vieja Brasería


  • Txakoli. Pintxos are an art form at Txakoli. Traditional cuisine from the North of Spain is right here!
  • Lucciano La Trattoria. A wide range of traditional Italian dishes make up the specialities of the Lucciano La Trattoria restaurant. Irresistible!
Lucciano La Trattoria


  • Cantina Mariachi. As you can see, there are many restaurants to choose from based on your tastes. Now it’s up to you to decide who to invite!
    If you like burritos and margaritas, you will love Cantina Mariachi. The essence of Mexico in each bite!



Are you thinking of your family’s outfits for Christmas? At La Marina Shopping Centre you will find everything you need to look perfect this season.


Fashion for women

Fashion for women is one of the main offerings of La Marina. Find ideal looks for your company lunches or dinners at Massimo Dutti, Mango, Zara or Bella Minis!

We recommend a suit jacket outfit. It will serve for both day and night-time looks!

Conversely, if you are looking for party clothing, you can’t forget glitter garments. Gold, silver – choose the colour you like most, but never forget the shine!



Complete your style with footwear and accessories from Parfois, Geox, Nichi Seijo, Marypaz and Paco Martínez. Remember, sandals are for winter too!


Fashion form men

Another of the strengths of La Marina are its shops for men’s clothing and accessories. Look elegant this Christmas with Mango Man, Macson or Benetton!

For daytime looks, choose suits combined with perkins neck sweaters. For night-time, all black outfits are the best.

Mango Man


Do you also need men’s footwear? Don’t hesitate to visit Maydo or Punto Zero to complete those styles with brown or black blucher shoes!


Children’s fashion

Children will also be stylish with La Marina. H&M, Benetton, C&A and Mayoral are great options for choosing children’s outfits.

Remember that this year white is a star colour in winter too! Your children will look great with white coats and sweaters.



As you can see, in addition to endless possibilities in fashion and accessories, at La Marina you can make the adjustments you need to your clothes.

At Cosim Tot you have a quick Sewing service that can fix any hem!



Avoid the stress of buying Christmas gifts at the last minute. Think about all your loved ones who you wish to surprise and make a list of the items you need.

We suggest some of the most popular gifts:

  • Cosmetics and perfumes. Find the best fragrances and cosmetics products at Druni and Douglas. A makeup bag, a cologne, a shaving kit – the possibilities are endless!
  • Bags and accessories. From a scarf to a sophisticated bag. At Guess and Adana you have all the fashion accessories you are looking for which will be a hit this Christmas.




  • Jewellery. At La Marina we have a select range of jewellery for all tastes and styles. TOUS, Swarovski and Jolfer are safe bets for quality and design. Surprise them with the watch or earrings that they will love!


    • Video games. There is no game that a gamer will love more than a video game. Visit GAME and get the latest releases from the sector!
    • If there is a star gift this Christmas, it is toys. Dolls, remote-controlled toys, construction games, puzzles – everything you can imagine and more is at your Don Dino store at La Marina Shopping Centre.


    • Small gifts. Are you participating in a Secret Santa, or do you have to give a small gift to someone? Ale-hop and Dealz are the ideal option in these cases.

    A calendar for 2020, materials for crafts, candles – the catalogues of these shops are large and you will have a lot to choose from!

    If the gift is for a child, we recommend visiting Claire’s, where you will find items such as Disney dolls, hair accessories and stuffed toys.


  • La Marina Gift Card. If there is a gift that is sure to be a success, it is the La Marina Gift Card. Load it with the amount you want, and your friend or relative will be able to enjoy it at all the establishments of La Marina (shops, leisure and restaurants).
  • To get one, just visit the Information Point of La Marina Shopping Centre (located on floor 0) from 17:00 to 21:00. More information here.Do you need more suggestions of what to give as a gift this Christmas? In this article we give you some ideas which are sure to go down well.Additionally, we recommend that you plan your visit. Take a look at our map and make the most of the time you spend shopping!