The day when we like to give gifts to our loved ones is coming. Whether for celebrating Christmas or the Three Kings’ Day, it’s likely that you will have to buy some gifts this Christmas.

There is an ideal gift for every person, but we may have doubts when deciding on one.

Below, we suggest some gift ideas so that you can delight your loved ones this Christmas.



Not all teenagers are the same, so you will have to think of the specific tastes of the young person you want to surprise.



Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo – practically every member of Generation Z has a console at home. Find out which is their favourite and surprise them with the latest release of their favourite video game.

At your Game store at La Marina you will find thousands of video games, but also many other gift options for gamers. From a Funko Pop model to a latest generation console, everything will depend on your budget.

If you are unsure, the employees at Game are experts on the matter and will be able to advise you.



Young boys and girls like to show off their personality through fashion. Whatever their style, at La Marina Shopping Centre you will find thousands of perfect options.

  • Sports inspiration

Trainers are on many occasions the key element of our looks, and this is even more true in teenagers’ outfits. Nike, Adidas and FILA are some of the star brands. At Oteros you will find a paradise of footwear available.

Another must for young people are hoodies. Brands such as Ellese, Supreme and Vans are the core of the sports trends this season.

We recommend you visit Base and Polinesia to enjoy their wide variety of sports clothing.


  • Casual Style

New Year’s Eve, New Year, Three Kings’ Day – at Christmas there are many special occasions, therefore giving clothes as a gift to show off during the holidays may go down very well.

In shops such as Pull&Bear, Bershka, Springfield and Zara you will find garments which will stand out. From a dress for New Year’s Eve to a perfect blazer – the options are endless!




Children love toys and are usually waiting for one in particular. Don’t hesitate – ask them what they are going to ask the Three Kings or Father Christmas for! Then just visit Don Dino and get the beloved toy.

If you can’t ask they child in question we suggest that you opt for educational toys adapted to their age. Puzzles and games with blocks are an excellent option!


Don Dino

Children’s Fashion

H&M, Mayoral, Zara – there are many stores at La Marina with clothing and accessories for children and babies.

H&M Kids


Whatever budget you want to stick to, these fashion brands are adapted to your wallet. If you want to give a small gift, you can purchase a perfume or hair accessory at Claire’s.

Ask the shop assistants, they will help you choose the best option!



When choosing a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, think about their tastes and preferences. Remember – you know them better than anyone!

Nevertheless, if you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry! The options we suggest below are sure to go down well.



Fragrances for all tastes! Try to remember the type of perfumes your partner usually wears. Are they sweet or intense? Do they remind you of the aroma of a flower, or are they more woody?

If scent isn’t your strong suit or you don’t know what type of fragrance to choose, don’t worry! The professionals of Druni and Douglas will know how to guide your choice.



  • Accesories

A nice bag or belt is a practical gift that will give a touch of sophistication to your partner’s looks.

In shops such as Adana, Parfois, Paco Martínez and Guess you will find a wide variety of accessories.

  • Jewellery

Another fantastic gift option is jewellery or a watch. Visit Swarovski, Tous or Jolfer and select a fantastic piece that will make your loved one stand out!



Timeless garments

When choosing a gift for our fathers we usually choose timeless garments such as shirts or ties.

Chino style trousers are also a garment that is usually well received by those who prefer practical gifts.

Visit Macson for these quality garments that you want to buy for dad!


Accesories for men

A gift which is usually well received by men are accessories. You can choose a belt or wallet from Massimo Dutti, or be more daring with a pair of Carrera glasses from Soloptical. As always, everything will depend on the style and tastes of your father.




Is your mother passionate about decoration? You have to take a look at the Christmas collections from Ikea, JYSK and Zara Home!


Homewear and Sportwear

Everyone likes to be comfortable and warm at home, right? That’s why a great gift for mum could be pyjamas from Women’Secret.



If your mother loves sport, we recommend giving garments from the OYSHO sports collection. In addition to being very comfortable they couldn’t be more stylish!


Fashion for women

At La Marina we can boast of offering a wide range of fashion stores. You will find casual garments at Punt Roma, and looks for special occasions at the Outlet of El Corte Inglés.

Conversely, if for your mum’s gift you prefer garments from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste, Payro is the shop you need!

Tommy Hilfiger


Secret Santa – the disastrous raffle where you usually have to buy a gift for the person you know least well in the group.

We suggest an ideal solution that can’t go wrong: our Gift Card.


La Marina Gift Card

Avoid the moment of giving that unwanted pair of socks or slippers!

You will be choosing the perfect gift – which your Secret Santa recipient will be able to choose from the establishments of La Marina Shopping Centre (including leisure and restaurants).

You can request your Gift Card from 17:00 to 21:00 at the Information Point of La Marina Shopping Centre, located on floor 0.

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