La Marina Shopping Centre continues to support its community and local businesses with a new partnership with the local volunteer group Conciencia Clean Waters.

Within the new project that is being carried out in La Marina, there are not only renovations and a new terrace, but also a great strategy to do their bit and care for our planet and biodiversity by starting the process of obtaining the green certificate and supporting local groups and companies that are looking for a new way to protect the environment. 

For more than a month now, La Marina Shopping Centre together with the international Maketing Agency Why Media and the nautical school Acronáutica have been in contact and collaborating with the volunteer group Conciencia Clean Waters, not only providing them with uniforms and a modern website but also the collaboration and support to find new volunteers and collaborators. Group of volunteers of 27th of March in Palau D'Esports (Benidorm).  Photo: Jairo Ortega @jaishoots.

CCW was founded by a group of friends from Benidorm and its surroundings.  The movement is 100% voluntary and non-profit and has one clear goal: protect the environment and natural areas. 

All members have their work and activities on the side and dedicate a large part of their free time to this great project, giving their strength and hearts to it.

Their main objective at first was to clean the beaches of the Valencian Community removing at least 15 tons of rubbish this year but after seeing the great impact of the first meetings they have decided to cover more territory and expand to parks and other natural areas and increase the goal to 30 tons.

In just two months they have collected a total of 6 tons of rubbish, increasing the number of collaborators and volunteers, reaching last Saturday 27th March 45 volunteers, which is the record so far.

Team work 27/3.  Photo: Jairo Ortega @jaishoots.


People of all ages and nationalities come together to form this big family which is growing week by week and is beginning to attract attention at the Marina Baixa. Not only people from Benidorm and the surrounding areas come here. On the last week two families from The Lady Elizabeth School came to help as volunteers.

The ambition of this group goes much further and dreams of giving talks in schools, and doing workshops so that the change will be from education and generate an impact on society in the long term.

From April onwards,Conciencia Clean Waters will start collecting rubbish from the seabed of the Costa Blanca through collaborations with certified divers, company or private boats and local diving centres thanks to Acronáutica and they, expect to begin to carry out biological studies to determine the impact of pollution on our things and natural environments.

End of 27th of March meeting. 462,27kg of rubbish was collected in 3 hours of work. Photo: Jairo Ortega @jaishoots

Manuel González, co-founder of CCW comments "Our beaches and natural spaces are the oxygen of our cities and this is an unavoidable responsibility. It is our duty as citizens to care for and take care of the future of our environment.

Our collaboration with La Marina Shopping Centre and Why Media has been one of the most important news since we started our activity, as it confirms that this initiative is something necessary for our society and also opens many doors for our development, we can't be more grateful for their help". 

Santiago Ramírez Risso from Why Media comments "We know the importance and influence that La Marina Shopping Centre has for the Marina Baixa and it is a great satisfaction to be able to collaborate with these groups who selflessly dedicate their weekends and free time to take care of the environment and to be a great example for society by doing their bit. The energy and enthusiasm they put into this initiative is admirable and both Why Media and La Marina Shopping Centre will support them so that their message and example reaches as many people as possible".

From La Marina Shopping Centre we invite all customers and operators to collaborate with this great cause. For more information, you can visit CONCIENCIENCIACLEACLEANWATERS.ES 

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