The CC La Marina continues with its campaign #ViveSostenible by installing a solidarity container in its corridors.

The CC La Marina continues with its campaign #ViveSostenible by installing a solidarity container in its corridors.

This new collection point is exclusively for the collection of solidarity bottle tops intending to donate them to a charitable cause.

New solidarity bottle top container on the first floor of La Marina shopping centre

A week ago La Marina saw the arrival of a new member in the Shopping Centre, but with a different purpose than what we are used to. It is not a shop nor a stand; it is a new container for the exclusive recycling of bottle tops. 

As the bottle caps are collected, they will be donated to different charities, thus contributing to the environment by recycling plastics and giving them a second life.

The Shopping Centre is fully committed to sustainability, and our container demonstrates this; its heart shape could not portray more the intention and commitment to the cause.

The #ViveSostenible campaign continues to move forward 

Our bee hive continues to bear fruit on the rooftop, and with the creation of exclusive spaces for bicycles and scooters, the aim is to promote the Vive Sostenible campaign. With the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions, promoting people's health and helping in the fight against climate change.

Our bee hive on the roof terrace

All these initiatives focus on making La Marina a place where respect for the environment is paramount, and sustainability is the protagonist. 


La Marina is the main commercial and leisure complex in the Marina Baixa region. Situated in the thriving town of Finestrat, La Marina is frequently visited by both residents of Finestrat, Benidorm and surrounding areas, but also remains popular with tourists from Spain, England, Germany, Russia and France. The Centre has more than a hundred shops. These include top brands such as Zara, C&A, Benetton and Ikea. In addition to shopping, La Marina also has a wide range of dining and leisure facilities, many of which are located on its terrace, which offers outdoor seating, children's activities and magnificent views of the city.

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