Roof terrace 2 will open its doors with a new and varied offer of restaurants on October 12th.

Take a pen and paper and write down the following date: October 12th. The new and remodelled roof terrace 2 opens its doors on Spanish National Day. 

The new space opens almost entirely; Lucciano La Trattoria and New York 2 continue to be present on the terrace, welcoming the three new establishments that land next week. 

If you want to know more, read on:


FIRST SURPRISESLogo of Calamar Crazy, the first fried food restaurant in the CC La Marina.

Welcome to the first frying restaurant of the Shopping Centre, CALAMAR CRAZY. A frying place focused on Spanish gastronomy, on delicious cocktails, and, as its name suggests, on squid.


WE ARE GOING TO FIND IT HARD TO CHOOSE Logo of Poke Bowl, the first establishment with Poke Bowls in the CC La Marina.

Have you ever tried a Poké Bowl? They are delicious Hawaiian salads with infinite combinations of ingredients, where the mix of flavours is exquisite. 

Now you can enjoy these famous salads at POKE BOWL, the first establishment in La Marina to focus on Hawaiian cuisine.


ARE YOU GOING TO MISS IT? Logo of Adana Kebab which will bring turkish food to La Marina.

If you fancy a kebab, you're in luck! 

ADANA KEBAB will delight us with the famous and delicious kebabs of Turkish cuisine. 

In addition to these openings, the Italian restaurant Lucciano La Trattoria and the cafeteria New York 2 have been completely renovated with a modern look.

Renovated terrace of Lucciano La Trattoria

The next step is with Terraces 3 and 4, which focus exclusively on leisure, already underway. 

It won't be long before we can enjoy a full-fledged experience in La Marina.


La Marina is the main commercial and leisure complex in the Marina Baixa region. Situated in the thriving town of Finestrat, La Marina is frequently visited by both residents of Finestrat, Benidorm and surrounding areas, but also remains popular with tourists from Spain, England, Germany, Russia and France. The Centre has more than a hundred shops. These include top brands such as Zara, C&A, Benetton and Ikea. In addition to shopping, La Marina also has a wide range of dining and leisure facilities, many of which are located on its terrace, which offers outdoor seating, children's activities and magnificent views of the city.

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