La Marina: The only energy-saving and sustainable Shopping Centre this Christmas in Spain

La Marina shopping Centre is the only one in Spain that has decided not to put up Christmas lights for various reasons, but always within the framework of the internal sustainability policies that the centre has undertaken for 2022.

Several of the arguments put forward are:

Energy saving. We are in the midst of a crisis and the most responsible thing to do is not to put up Christmas lights. Europe is in this situation and the CC La Marina considers that some families and countries depend on the sensible use of electricity.

Sustainability. La Marina Shopping Centre is one of the few sustainable shopping centres in the country. It has reduced the use of plastics by almost 90% and has installed a bee hive and a container for plastic lids, among other actions. Consistent with this, they do not wish to contribute to global warming.

Community. Instead of spending the budget on Christmas lights, the CC La Marina has decided to hold a mega raffle with more than 30 winners. This will undoubtedly help the winning families in Marina Baixa even more.

New activities. The 1st Christmas Market and the 1st Christmas Card Competition of La Marina Shopping Centre have been held. In the latter, the Christmas theme is linked to sustainability, raising awareness among children.

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