The beehive of La Marina Shopping Centre, qualified as "Happy Hive".

In April 2022, La Marina Shopping Centre installed a beehive on its rooftop, a pioneer in Spain. Nine months later, the quality of the hive is extraordinary, to the point of being qualified as a Happy Hive.

Although it is indeed a type of hive called Warré, the one located in the CC La Marina has reached an optimum level, according to Helios Navalón, beekeeper and caretaker of the hive.

In his first check-up of 2023, Helios was pleasantly surprised. "The hive is much stronger than I thought it would be. It is as if it were spring; pollen is coming in, and there is brood. It's very strong," he said.

This fantastic state of health of the hive is due, among other things, to the fact that "they are in the Marina Shopping Centre alone. There are no predators, no wasps, no elements that could disturb them. They have all the flowers in the surrounding area (Finestrat) to themselves," he said.

Navalón categorically values this initiative: "It is a great success in urban beekeeping. We had doubts at the beginning because of the antennas, the pollution... and it has been quite the opposite. The bees have marvellously adapted to this environment", he explained.

The redecoration of the hive has also begun, as well as the cleaning and maintenance it requires.

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