La Marina Shopping Centre welcomes Club Volleyball Finestrat for the presentation of its jersey for the 2021-22 season. 

Rebeca Fernandez (president of CVF), Olga Huguet (junior team captain) and Penélope Penichet (senior team captain) representing CVF.

Last Wednesday 17th November, the president of the Club Rebeca Fernandez, the captain of the senior team Penélope Penichet and the captain of the junior team and player of the senior team of CVF Olga Huguet presented the new playing kit in the Shopping Centre for the current season.

Following the sports sponsorship agreement between CC La Marina and CVF, initiated in October 2021, this shirt will become the official kit of all the Club's teams, both the younger ones, as well as the senior team that competes at national level and the junior team that competes at regional level under the name CC La Marina Finestrat. 

To conclude the visit to the CC La Marina, the Club representatives stopped by the shopping centre's radio station, NEXA FM, for an interview with Valentín Fina Oviedo for the programme Vive La Marina. To give voice to the CVF under the microphones of 88.2FM, Penélope Penichet, captain of the senior team and her coach Juan Vicente Llinares.

Interview with Penélope Penichet and Juan Vicente Llinares on NEXA FM.


La Marina is the main shopping and leisure complex in the Marina Baixa region. Located in the thriving town of Finestrat, La Marina is frequently visited by both local residents of Finestrat, Benidorm and the surrounding area, but also remains popular with tourists from Spain, England, Germany, Russia and France. The Centre has more than a hundred shops. These include top brands such as Zara, C&A, Benetton and Ikea. In addition to shopping, La Marina also has a wide range of dining and leisure facilities, many of which are located on its terrace, which offers outdoor seating, children's activities and magnificent views of the city.

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