WWF has returned for the third time this year to La Marina Shopping Centre and will be present between the 6th and 10th September 2021 with the aim of promoting its projects and recruiting new members.  The organization returns to La Marina after its visit in May and July of this year due to the remarkable success of this last campaign. In addition to this latest fundraiser, La Marina Shopping Centre will be carrying out children's activities together with WWF in the coming months. There will be educational workshops with children to raise awareness

The Covid-19 global health crisis is having a huge emotional and socio-economic impact on our lives. Millions of people affected, thousands of deaths and a worrying future economic scenario are worrying us all. But it should also make us reflect on the way we relate to nature.

Because the destruction of nature, due to the increasing human impact on ecosystems and wildlife, combined with climate change, facilitates the spread of pathogens, increasing the risk of contact and transmission to humans with the consequent adverse effects on our health. The destruction of nature causes seventy percent of human diseases. But the reality is that viruses and bacteria have always lived with us and are distributed among different species without affecting humans in well-preserved habitats.

To conserve our nature is to take care of our health.

However, we are on the opposite path: we overexploit its natural resources, we produce and consume unsustainably, we pollute the oceans and emit gases that are warming the Earth to levels that could be catastrophic for all of us.

We need to stop this crisis together. Because nature conservation goes beyond containing a fantastic diversity of life and habitats, it is our source of food and medicine, shelters and protects us, and provides us with clean air, fresh water, and healthy soils. It inspires us.

Today the world faces many threats, and to combat these, WWF is pushing for the urgent creation of a new UN-backed Agreement for Nature and People. A pact that recognises the link between nature, climate and people's health and takes action to achieve the following goals:

This week (6th to 10th of August), visitors to La Marina Shopping Centre will have the opportunity to visit the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) stand on the first floor to find out more about the projects and activities carried out by this excellent world organisation.

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