La Marina Shopping Centre takes part in protecting bees and the environment by installing beehives on its roof.

La Marina Shopping Centre in Finestrat has installed a beehive on its rooftop as part of its efforts to become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious complex, being the first in Spain to carry out this initiative.

Rooftop of the CC La Marina

La Marina has installed its first beehive, which contains bees that pollinate within a radius of 3 kilometres. Over time, it will increase in a controlled manner and contribute positively to the environment in the local area of Finestrat.


This tiny insect plays a fundamental role in preserving ecological balance and, as such, is an essential part of our overall ecosystem. Through pollination, bees influence many aspects of the environment, especially the growth of crops, flowers and plants.

For this initiative, we collaborate with Ecocolmena.org, which has installed a "Warré" hive, which does not require human intervention to distribute its interior habitat. As a result, there is no need to frequently inspect the colony, buy wax, prepare frames or a honey extractor. 

The wax combs are made by the bees themselves, avoiding the old and dirty process of other Langstroth or Dadant managements. The wax is reused repeatedly, accumulating chemicals and environmental and agricultural toxins. It is one of the hives with less human intervention, in which bees are less aggressive and more resistant to varroasis due to the smaller size of the swarm, its growth chamber and less productive stress.

With a Warré hive, there is no need to frequently inspect the bee colony, buy wax, prepare frames or a honey extractor. Instead, hive management requires the addition of extra boxes underneath to grow an immense swarm or harvest surplus, honey.

About the history of Ecocolmena.org

Ecocolmena was born as a social platform in 2013 and became an NGO in 2017 with the legal status of a national association. Subscriptions finance Ecocolmena from members and donors.

Since its beginnings, Ecocolmena has provided a model of social innovation applied to beekeeping, focusing on the regeneration of habitats and the participation of society, making people the protagonists of actions that improve the ecosystems where bees and other pollinators carry out the valuable and essential work of pollination.

A group of ecological beekeepers in various regions, together with other Ecocolmena activist partners, develop activities to conserve the rural environment and environmental education. Land stewardship and habitat regeneration are strategies that form part of Ecocolmena's programmes with the help of its donors.

In developing social innovation in beekeeping, Ecocolmena has contributed to programmes such as "Sponsor a Hive'', "Beekeeper for a Day'' and "Beekeeping Coworking". These programmes have inspired thousands of beekeepers around the world. In addition, Ecocolmena was a pioneer in installing beehives in urban areas.

Visit of godmothers and godfathers

La Marina "Live Sustainable"

With this initiative, La Marina Finestrat Shopping Centre and Commercial Park are launching a new approach to its sustainability policy.

"Live Sustainable" is their new starting point to support the environment and create behavioural change in Shopping Centres such as La Marina, a pioneer in Spain.

The shopping complex has already started to adopt its new policy focused on eco-sustainability by launching the following initiatives:

Rowen Squibb of Why Media explains, "we are 100% committed to the environment and mother nature; from supporting wildlife to reducing waste, we aim to make a difference to the beautiful area of Finestrat and beyond".


La Marina is the main commercial and leisure complex in the Marina Baixa region. Situated in the thriving town of Finestrat, La Marina is frequently visited by both residents of Finestrat, Benidorm and surrounding areas, but also remains popular with tourists from Spain, England, Germany, Russia and France. The Centre has more than a hundred shops. These include top brands such as Zara, C&A, Benetton and Ikea. In addition to shopping, La Marina also has a wide range of dining and leisure facilities, many of which are located on its terrace, which offers outdoor seating, children's activities and magnificent views of the city.


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