You can now use your 'Bono Consumo' of Finestrat in the 5 participating establishments of the CC La Marina.

Finestrat Town Council presents "the Bono Consumo" campaign for businesses and consumers. A campaign that aims to promote small businesses in the town and allows all residents of Finestrat to buy and consume at half price.

In the CC La Marina, five establishments adhere to this campaign.


But what exactly is the Bono Consumo?

It is a voucher financed by the Diputación de Alicante and the Town Hall of Finestrat that subsidises 50% of all purchases you make in the establishments participating in the campaign.

In other words, if you buy a 20€ voucher, it is worth 20€, but you only pay 10€. Isn't that fancy?

Here is the link for more information on getting it and the steps.


And in which establishments of the CC La Marina can I use it?

You can use your "Bono Consumo" in:

Mini Freak:

Your specialist shop for all kinds of geeky gifts. Like T-shirts, mugs, posters, badges, key rings and figures.


A Flor De...

A florist with a wide variety of fresh, natural and seasonal flowers to celebrate any event. 



Shop with the best and most prestigious national and international brands in men's and women's clothing. Brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Levis, Fred Perry, etc.


Lucciano La Trattoria

If you like Italian food, if you are looking for that romantic restaurant for a special dinner, they make egg pasta and homemade oven-baked pizzas. Quality and good prices await you.


Brasería Vaca Vieja

Handmade hamburgers or grilled hamburgers with Wagyu beef, Black Angus beef and old cow meat. You can order by weight, from a T-bone steak of almost 1kg to entrecote or the most delicious hamburger you have ever tasted.


So now you know, if you need to buy a special gift or go for a half-price romantic dinner, you can use your "Bono Consumo" at CC La Marina.



La Marina is the main commercial and leisure complex in the Marina Baixa region. Situated in the thriving town of Finestrat, La Marina is frequently visited by both residents of Finestrat, Benidorm and surrounding areas, but also remains popular with tourists from Spain, England, Germany, Russia and France. The Centre has more than a hundred shops. These include top brands such as Zara, C&A, Benetton and Ikea. In addition to shopping, La Marina also has a wide range of dining and leisure facilities, many of which are located on its terrace, which offers outdoor seating, children's activities and magnificent views of the city.

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