Cookies Policy


Cookies are any kind of file or mechanism which downloads itself to the terminal of a user, able to store data which may be used and recovered by the service provider responsible for the installation.

Cookies are necessary for the operation of the internet, allowing better browsing and usability of our website, allowing the identification and resolution of potential errors, all without causing the slightest damage to the user’s terminal.


Through this Notification, we inform our users that the company may use the following cookies on this website.

  • Cookies are strictly necessary for providing certain services expressly requested by the user. If these cookies are deactivated, you may not receive our content or services correctly.
  • Analysis cookies for the monitoring and statistical analysis of the behaviour of all users. If these cookies are deactivated, the website may continue to operate without the information gathered by these cookies on the use of our website and on the success of the advertisements shown on it allowing our services to be improved.



The user may at any time choose which cookies they wish to work on this website through browser configuration, for example:

Nevertheless, the user must know that after the deactivation of the cookies, their browsing on our website may not be optimal and some functionalities may not work correctly.

Third-party cookies. Some pages of the website show embedded or other content through which third party cookies may be installed.

Social networks. On other sites on which the company has a page or social profile, third party cookies are installed for all visitors, even if they are not users registered on the corresponding platforms: Facebook cookies page, Twitter privacy page, LinkedIn cookies page, Google cookies-page.



The transfer of data to countries outside of the EU is not planned.



Professional secrecy. The company and collaborators who work with us and who have any kind of intervention in the services provided to the client are committed to not disclosing or using the information they have accessed due to their profession. The information provided by the client will in all cases be considered confidential, without it being possible to use it for purposes other than those related to the services contracted from the company.

The company is obligated to not disclose or reveal information on the client’s claims, the reasons for the consulting requested or the duration of its relationship.

Document destruction. With the objective of preserving and guaranteeing the confidentiality, the company is committed to destroying all confidential information to which it has had access to provide the services when it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was gathered unless there is a legal obligation for keeping it. If the Client wishes to keep the original or a copy of this information, it must be printed or kept by its own means, alternatively visiting the headquarters of the company for collection before destruction.